Meeting a remarkable guy

NewEurope Seprember 26, 2010 Pablo Escobar’s son was in Brussels this week, and gave us an interview (on page 6 and 7). Meeting people and finding more about them is a great part of being a journalist. Sometimes you meet the self-serving, sometimes those who have been so trained and managed that they really have […]

Pablo Escobar’s son: Choose Peace

NewEurope September 26, 2010 Even with a $1 million contract on his head from drug lords, Sebastian Marroquin is not afraid to stand up for peace and reconciliation. When did you notice that your life was different to other people’s? In 1984, when the Minister of Justice died, on the order of my father, my […]

‘Sins of My Father’ Premieres October 4 on HBO

The UN screens “Sins of My Father” on Sept. 23

Pecados de mi padre se estrenará a través de HBO 7 de septiembre de 2010 Pecados de mi padreserá estrenada el próximo 4 de octubre exclusivamente por el canal HBO, motivados a la celebración del Mes de la Hispanidad. La producción cuenta la historia de la vida y muerte del colombiano Pablo Escobar, famoso capo de la droga, contada a través de las vivencias […]

“Sins of My Father” Nicolás Entel’s Film Debuts October 4 on HBO

Adictivo September 7, 2010 “Sins Of My Father” tells the inside story of drug lord Pablo escobar through the eyes of his only son when the documentary debuts October 4, exclusively on HBO. To some, Pablo Escobar was a ruthless criminal.  To others, a generous community member.  To Sebastian Marroquin, he was one thing above […]