Sins of My Father — Film Review

The Hollywood Reporter January 25, 2010 Think about your family history and the black sheep and how you would answer for their transgressions. Multiply that difficulty by infinity and you would face what druglord Pablo Escobar‘s son has had to answer for. Filmmaker Nicolas Entel has distilled and visualized that moral burden to powerful, personal […]

“Sins of My Father” | Director, Nicolas Entel

Filmmaker January 22, 2010 My biggest challenge was daring to make this documentary, which from the very beginning was almost an impossible idea. On one hand, we set out to retell Pablo Escobar’s story, not as yet another gangster film, which it isn’t despite popular perception, but as an intricate political thriller. On the other […]

‘Sins of My Father’: The secret life of the son of the world’s most notorious drug lord

Los Angeles Times January 18, 2010 Few things are more prickly and complicated than the relationship between sons and fathers. Just ask Michael Douglas, who spent many troubled years trying to carve out any kind of satisfying kinship with Kirk Douglas, his emotionally distant father. Many political observers believe that part of the impetus for […]

Hijo de narco colombiano cuenta su vida

CNN Expansión por Sebastián Marroquín 11 de enero de 2010 El 10 de diciembre se estrenó en Colombia el documental Pecados de mi padre, dirigido por Nicolás Entel (a México llegará en 2010). Es la primera vez que, tras 15 años de exilio en Argentina, acepté romper mi silencio y contar mi vida junto a mi […]

HBO nabs rights to ‘Sins of My Father’

The Hollywood Reporter January 7, 2010 HBO has picked up the U.S. TV rights to the feature documentary “Sins of My Father,” an official selection in the World Documentary competition at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. It is slated to premiere on the pay cable network this year, possibly in the fall. “Sins,” directed and […]