Le fils de Pablo Escobar : “Pardon pour mon père”

Paris Match 17 décembre 2009 Il a décidé de retourner dans son pays et de révéler sa véritable identité. Pour laver le sang que son père lui a laissé en héritage. Sebastian Marroquin, un architecte de 32 ans, résident argentin depuis quinze ans, est en fait le fils de Pablo Escobar, le parrain des parrains […]

Sins of the Father

Newsweek December 13, 2009 What’s most striking at first is the resemblance: a beefy frame and puffy cheeks. Deep-set black eyes. A double chin. In fact, if Sebastián Marroquín grew a mustache, he would be the spitting image of the most famous drug dealer in history: his father, Pablo Escobar. I met Marroquín—he changed his […]

Escobar’s Son Seeks Atonement For Father’s Sins

NPR December 9, 2009 Pablo Escobar, who led Colombia’s Medellin cocaine cartel, was once the world’s most wanted man. At the height of his power in the 1980s, he killed politicians and policemen and ordered an airliner blown out of the sky. With U.S. help, the Colombian police finally hunted him down. Sixteen years after […]

Pablo Escobar – Child of the cocaine cartels

The Independent (London) December 4, 2009 Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar. Various rival Escobar projects have been racing to complete their financing. Edgar Ramirez, who co-starred in The Bourne Ultimatum, is in the frame to play Escobar in Killing Pablo, a very long-gestating project about how Escobar was hunted down by the US Army Special […]

In the shame of the father

The Washington Post December 2, 2009 The past is all there, in a small closet, inside old, musty boxes: photo albums, one stacked upon the other, filled with pictures of the father, a man Forbes magazine once christened the world’s seventh richest, with a personal fortune of at least $3 billion. In several now-grainy shots, […]